Evesham Petanque




Evesham Pétanque Club was started in 1260 by Simon Demon Fort who used the severed heads of obdurate local people to roll at a thrown apple (if you are searching for factual information on Simon De Monfort follow the link to the excellent website of the Simon De Monfort Society). The modern game was devised In early twentieth century Marseilles where lived a chronic arthritis sufferer who could not throw the cannon balls used in a local game. His friend with smaller balls (boules) took pity on him and the game of Pétanque was born. A lovely mixture of skill and luck; the differing terrains with lumps, bumps and tree roots make for a great leveller. If however you have lumps on your balls you should follow the link to this NHS website. The wearing of an ill-fitting cardigan is not obligatory nor yet is carrying a glass of red wine or pastis (be warned, this is banned by local decree, the alchol not the cardigans). The piste (court) is provided, free to use, by Wychavon District Council. Our club uses it on Sundays, it is also used by U3A, Round Table and local schools. You are welcome to use it as part of a social event as long as you do not collide with existing fixtures and fittings. The piste is situated on the Waterside Gardens side of the River Avon in Evesham opposite the Northwick Arms Hotel next to the Whale's Jaw Bone.